Trespasser removal services for customers across the UK

To remove squatters/travellers from your property, contact PPS (UK) LTD. We can remove all trespassers legally.

Deter Trespassers From Entering Your Property

Trespassers will be evicted

An unchecked property is an ideal place for unwanted guests to make themselves feel right at home. Without any regard for the law, they can damage your property and cause a nuisance in the neighbourhood. Contact our team members in the Somerset office and they will show them the way out. Also, to avoid further hassle, install our high-security screens and/or fences for extra security.

In accordance with common law and the Trespass and Nuisance on Land Public Order Act (1994), we can remove trespassers from your land in 24 hours.

Squatter Evictions

For many people, the word squatter conjures up all sorts of images & thoughts. The reality of this problem is that once squatters take up residence in your property, they can cause extensive costly damage to your property as well as using your electricity & water supplies. To remove these unwanted guests legally a writ of possession will need to be gained which will involve site visits & court procedures to gain the notice to leave and the writ of possession, the writ will need to be served to the squatters then the actual eviction to take place. Let us take all the strain of the entire process with our specialist eviction team boasting a 100% success rate.

Traveller Evictions

Although there are a number of authorised private sites in the around the South West there is still a serious shortage of sites for travellers and across the country as a whole. This has led to gypsies and travellers camping on land that they do not own (unauthorised encampments), and also a growing tendency to buy land and develop it without planning permission (unauthorised developments). At present, approximately one in five traveller caravans in England are on unauthorised sites.
Under common law and the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, any landowner has the right of self-help to evict trespassers from land within the first 24 hours, with this right assigned to an agent or representative.
Our enforcement & eviction team can take all the strain for you ensuring you get your land back as quickly as possible.

Preventative measures

Prevention is always better than cure. By installing top-class security systems from PPS (UK) LTD, you can deter trespassers from entering your property. To find out more about our preventative measures, give PPS (UK) Ltd a call today and find out what we can do for you.