Security fencing and barriers for properties across the UK

Keep your property safe from intruders, call PPS Somerset office for secure fence installations.

Keeping Your Premises Safe and Secure

Concrete Barriers

Perimeter security is your first line of defence to halt unauthorised vehicle access to your site, Entrances and exits have to be protected. Our 2.5 tonne 3 meter concrete blocks are an ideal cost effective way of securing those points where vehicles may be able to enter.

Palisade Fencing

Palisade fencing is constructed by using two horizontal running rails to which vertical joists are attached. This type of security fencing comes in varying heights depending on what your requirements are and it’s not uncommon for palisade fencing to be up to 3m high. It also provides an inaccessible barrier making it a perfect solution for security. One of the distinctive features is the vertical joists feature a point, sometimes even a triple point, making them very hard to scale without the risk of injury.

Heras Fencing

Heras fencing is a type of fencing made up of individual panels, which are joined together by bracing blocks and metal couplers.  The metal grid in a Heras fence panel has an anti-climb, welded wire mesh design that prevents intruders from gaining hand or footholds on the panel, making the fences virtually impossible to scale. It can be supplied with access gates for workers, pedestrians and/or vehicles. These gates use the same anti-climb panels and have secure locking mechanisms.

Anti Climb Systems

Toppings are proven to provide a further visible deterrent on a perimeter fence line. Through our wealth of experience in this product area we can assist in specifying the most appropriate solution to meet your security needs. We can incorporate additional security measures to meet any security requirement, our anti climb systems include various razor wire solutions, anti-climb paint and wall spikes.