Security Screens For Your Property

Increase the security of your vacant property with our range of steel security screens.

Superior Level of Protection

Solid Steel Screens

Our solid galvanised steel screens give ultimate protection against vandals and trespassers, cut to fit on site and secured in place with specialist security fixings. Solid screens keep out natural light making the property less attractive to squatters and creates an arson resistant barrier.

Perforated Steel Screens

Our perforated steel screens are an ideal option if you need natural light to enter the property allowing visibility for internal viewings. Perforated screens can be incorporated with solid screens while still providing an arson resistant barrier and superior protection for your property.

Steel Security Doors

Based on the situation, we can fit our doors to be either inward or outward opening. The doors are made from high-quality galvanised steel, making them extremely strong with the added benefit of being fireproof. The doors are fitted with insurance approved 5 lever deadlocks for optimum security.